• RitzyBitsy99

    Trying to contribute!

    October 30, 2017 by RitzyBitsy99

    Been rereading the books lately. They are so Vast. Underatted series! Adding a few pages here and there. (:

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  • Danfasa

    Hey there!

    While right now everything I do on this site is a shout into the void, I have to believe that at some point, this will no longer be true. And hey, who knows? Maybe some point down the line there will be active users who will be interested in reading this. 

    This blog post is going to serve as one of, hopefully, many monthly updates about the Wiki's stats and work that's been done in general.

    Here is a breakdown of our most popular pages and their number of views in the past 4 weeks:

    1. Everlost Wiki - 226
    2. Alexandra "Allie" Johnson - 139
    3. Mary Hightower - 113
    4. Mikey McGill - 47
    5. Nick - 40
    6. Lief - 32
    7. Memorable Quotes - 31
    8. Milos - 28
    9. Johnnie-O - 21
    10. Jix - 18
    11. Squirrel - 12
    12. Moose - 8
    13. Sparkle - 5

    Here is a breakdown of our most popular pages and their …

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  • Danfasa

    Firstly, I was googling the name meanings for the Everlost characters. After discovering Travis stems from traverse or to cross, I wanted to see what other gems I could find, if any. I was not disappointed, as Nick or Nicholas is largely popular as a result of Saint Nicholas, some 4th century dude who is now revered as the patron saint of children as well as being the historical figure for the inspiration of Santa Claus. What a great partner to Mother Mary!

    In a similar vein, this expedition lead me to the knowledge that Johnnie-O is the name of a clothing brand for men. Their clothes, however, are ridiculously priced. I'm not exactly sure what warrants $125 for a sweater, but apparently some poor chap is paying the price, or they wouldn't …

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  • Danfasa

    I paid more attention to Lief and his backstory this time around when I was rereading. I started looking for floods that occurred around a century prior to the book's publishing in 2006. I figured any flood that would've killed Lief would've had to have been close to New York as that's where the dead forest is. It didn't seem like he had wandered for that long. I don't think Lief would've had the fortitude for a cross country travel as a ghost. Thus, that eliminated most of the floods in the early twentieth century.

    The most likely alternative is the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania flood in March of 1907 . However, the death rate of this flood was very low, with only about twelve people being killed. Additionally, I haven't been able to find anythi…

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  • Asinus Maximus


    October 4, 2015 by Asinus Maximus

    This wiki will never grow without active admins.

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