A lush mountain forest that had once been the inspiration for poets. The place brimmed with such warmth and good feeling, it inspired countless young men to propose marriage beneath its canopy, and countless young women to accept. The woods caused stiff collard people to lose their inhibitions and dance among the leaves, wild with joy, even though they knew such dancing could have them condemned as witches.

–p.74 - 75 Everlost, Neal Shusterman

Located in Upstate New York is an entire mountain forest that crossed into Everlost when a beetle infestation destroyed it.[1] Described as a fulcrum of life, the forest crossed into Everlost where it remained eternally green. It became the home of Lief and the crossing place of Nick and Allie. Mary Hightower speculated that this forest was the reason Lief was able to live in isolation for all those years as the vibrant eternal life of the forest kept Lief's soul vibrant as well.[2]

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