A world situated "life", also known as the living world, and death or the afterlife; it is a shadow of the living world. This world runs parallel to the living world. All places within the living world exist in Everlost. However, only dead-spots are truly real to the citizens of Everlost known as Afterlights. Areas that are only in the living world have a "fundamental grayness" that "[strikes] more deeply than any chill."[1]

Physical Laws Edit

Entering Everlost Edit

Souls pass into when they fail to go into the light. Something keeps them from entering its inviting glow and the tunnel the soul traverses is broken or fades away, leaving the traveler in Everlost. Greensouls, as new souls are called, are born into Everlost after a nine month sleep.

Sleep Edit

While no Afterlights need sleep, they are still capable of it. However, unlike residents of the living world, Afterlights don't dream. Similar to the dreamless nothingness of anesthesia in the living world, Everlost slumber is merely time spent devoid of consciousness.

Sustenance Edit

Afterlights do not need to hydrate or consume food to survive. However, the craving for such items never quite goes away, though according to Lief, you do learn to deal with it in time.

Gravity Fatigue Edit

Afterlights regularly face the danger of succumbing to gravity fatigue. A term coined by Mary Hightower, gravity fatigue is when an Afterlight ends up sinking to the Center of the Earth. The pull of gravity is relentless in Everlost. On living world ground, Afterlights always be cautious to pull their legs up from beneath the surface of the Earth, as they are constantly being pulled towards its center.

Water Edit

Everlost's bodies of water are basically air to Afterlights. It is impossible to swim in a lake, river, or ocean. Afterlights will fall past the surface of the water straight into the Earth beneath where they will certainly succumb to gravity fatigue.

Clothing Edit

The clothing a person was wearing when they entered Everlost is now a part of their body. It cannot be removed. However, articles of clothing that cross can be worn by Afterlights over their existing clothes.

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