Jackin Jill is a Skinjacker who has been in Everlost for 20 years and used to be a Part of Milos's small gang where she had the job of delivering messages to the living world. After betraying them she joined forces with the Death Boss and after he was sent to the center of the Earth by Milos she became a part of Mary's army where she had the job of reaping souls into Everlost


One day while Milos and his gang were sleeping after a successful day of Skinjacking they had taken protection from a small vapor of afterlights and during the night Jackin Jill stole everything valuable Milos and his gang had collected and various items from the vapor they were with causing Milos and the rest of his gang to make a frenzied escape.


Mary Hightower

Allie the Outcast


Mikey McGill