Lief is a eleven year old boy with heavy, tight-looking clothes, unkempt hair, and countless freckles. Crossing into Everlost roughly a century ago after dying in a flood, Lief wandered aimlessly before stumbling across the Dead Forest he eventually made home. He was the first afterlight that Nick and Allie met after awakening in Everlost.

Living World Life Edit

Crossing in the flood with his father's shoe, and factoring in the fact that he remembers missing his parents, even if he can't remember his parents themselves, a reader can conclude that he lived with parents who played a big role in his life. In addition to his father's shoe, Lief also crossed with a rabbit's foot and a picture of himself that was pocked with many dirt spots.

Religion Edit

Religion also played a role in his life. One of the questions Lief often asked himself was why he didn't go to heaven.

That’s what the preacher always said: Heaven or hell— those were the only choices. So then why was he still here on Earth?

–Lief, Everlost - Chapter 3: Dreamless

Lief also believed that the dead forest he stumbled upon was the Lord's way of providing for him a personal share of eternity. Similarly, Lief believed that Nick and Allie were answers to his prayers, presumably to a Judeo-Christian God.

I've been waiting forever for you to come. I prayed for you, did you know that? God hears our prayers here. Maybe even better than before, because we're closer to him here.

–Lief, Everlost, p. 39

New York Edit

Lief traveled to New York twice in his life. The first trip was for the Fourth of July and the second was for Mr. P.T. Barnum's circus.

Time in Everlost Edit

Lief's time in Everlost could be characterized by one thing: isolation. Spending years alone in a large forest, Lief hardly saw any other Afterlights, and the ones he did see never stuck around. If not for Allie and Nick, it's likely he would've spent many more years swinging from the trees in his forest.

After leaving the forest, Lief discovered the wonders of the world that had moved on without him -- the massive buildings, the incredible technology, and of course the wonderful game of Pac-Man. While in Mary's care, he played the game endlessly.

Trivia Edit

  • Lief's real name, Travis, is comes from the English name Travers, derived from the word traverse which means "to cross."[1]

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