It took me more than fifty years, but I wanted to be back on the surface again, and when you want something badly enough, you can do anything. No one has ever wanted it as much as me; I’m the only one who’s ever come back from the center of the Earth.

It helped to imagine myself as a monster clawing my way up from the depths, and so when I finally reached the surface that’s exactly what I was. A monster. And it’s exactly what I want to be.

–the McGill on his journey up from the Center of the Earth, Everlost, p.258

Mikey McGill is a clean-cut 14 year old boy with slightly unruly auburn hair and blue eyes. He crosses into Everlost with his sister, Megan Mary McGill, after being hit by a train. The two of them return home after their nine month period as Interlights, where Mikey succumbed to Gravity Fatigue and was eventually pulled to the Center of the Earth. It was only after reaching the center that Mikey was able to harness his willpower to claw his way back to the surface, transforming into "the one true monster of Everlost" in the process. Adopting his last name, the McGill, as his monstrous moniker, Mikey sets out on a quest to capture 1,000 souls to barter with the universe for his life back.

Along the way, he meets Allie Johnson, a skinjacker he initially holds captive to teach him how to skinjack. However, throughout the course of her captivity on his ship, they form a strong bond that leads to years of traveling Everlost together and an intense romance. The two of them work together to stop Mikey's sister, Megan (who adopts the name Mary Hightower), from ending the living world.

Life in the Living World Edit

The Legend of the McGill Edit

The McGill hates kids that get stuck here— hates the sounds we make. It’ll tear out your tongue if it hears you talk, and rip out your lungs if it hears you pretending to breathe. They say the McGill is the devil’s own pet hound that chewed through its leash, and escaped. It couldn’t make it all the way to the living world, but it made it to here.

–Lief on The McGill, Everlost, p. 34

Lief was the first one to speak of the McGill. When talking about Afterlights who passed through his forest, he said that they were always running from the McGill, claiming that despite the lack of pain in Everlost, the McGill would figure out a way to make you suffer till the end of time. For Lief, the legend of the McGill was enough to keep him in the Dead Forest. He was convinced that, since no kids ever returned, all were eaten by the McGill.

Later on, Allie uses this legend to strike fear into Johnnie-O, claiming she's friends with the McGill in order to avoid being sent to the center of the Earth. Purple-puss echoed part of Lief's tale, asserting that "no one sees the McGill and lives."

Early Life in Everlost Edit