Road-shoes, an Everlost version of snowshoes, were first introduced in Chapter 4 of Everlost. The shoes were designed to enable the wearer to move quicker over living world terrain, as they wouldn't have to constantly pluck their sinking feet out of the ground.

Creation Edit

The idea for the road-shoes came from Nick and the method for their creation from Allie. The practical knowledge necessary for their physical creation, however, came from Lief. The road-shoes were made from twigs and branches of Everlost trees, tied together with strips of bark.

Physics Edit

It's unclear whether or not the road-shoes themselves sink into the living world ground. We see in other instances in the series that Everlost items sink into the earth, so it would make sense that the road-shoes would not be immune to gravity. However, considering the emphasis placed on their usefulness it would seem like they somehow allowed the user to move faster than normal in spite of this. Either gravity has a greater affect on Afterlights than Everlost objects or this reality was overlooked.