Skinjackers are afterlights who aren't dead; thier bodies are in a coma somewhere. So, untill their commatose body dies on its own, skinjackers can walk into living beings and take control of thier bodies. Variations of this art include

  • Furjacking- Skinjacking animals.
  • Posessing- Skinjacking a person's body for so long, you get stuck in it. The only way out it to kill the body you're stuck in.
  • halfjacking- when you control only a part of the body.
  • terminizing- when you tell someone about the light to calm them and make them feel better.
  • justifying- determining whether or not someone's guilty from a crime they were convicted of.
  • soul surfing- leaping from soul to soul in order to move.

Skinjackers in the series include: