The ship was swallowed up by the sea after a voyage through the Bermuda triangle. It crossed into Everlost because the love that the ship had been crafted with. It was the last vessel a dying company constructed, hence the crew built it with all their love.

McGill and Crew

The McGill claimed th ship, rust and all, as his own somewhere along the way with his crew of 'associates' (captured afterlights that do his bidding) MAny of these souls have been grosley mischapen, refered to by Allie as the Ugos or Uglies. They move slow, lacking a drive and initative since they did not keep any kind of chase well. Their mishapen features must have been caused by the damage done too their minds after serving the hideous and grotesque McGill.


After lights who the McGill did not find any use for had been strung up by their ankles below deck in the chiming chamber. There were up to 300 souls trapped at one point including Lief and Nick. Every prisoner is painted across the chest with a number with black paint that must of crossed over, the same paint The Mc Gill uses to write 'Property of the McGill' on all his other items in his horde of crossed items. in one of the rooms below deck.