The Light stands as the series' physical representation for whatever comes after life and after a life lived in Everlost. Located at the end of a tunnel that appears whenever a soul begins its transition to another realm, The Light makes frequent appearances throughout the series.

Physical Characteristics Edit

As the windshield fell behind her, she felt herself moving through a tunnel, picking up speed, accelerating as the wind grew stronger. There was a point of light at the end of the tunnel, getting larger and brighter as she got closer, and there came a feeling in her heart of calm amazement she could not describe.

–Allie Johnson, Everlost, Chapter 1 - On the Way to the Light...

The light is characterized as having a magnetic quality to it. When it is present, it draws souls to itself. For example, when the coin statue opened up a massive version of the tunnel, Mary Hightower had to physically tie herself down in order to prevent the light from pulling her in.

Part of its magnetic quality is the feeling it invokes. It is shown to bring a sense of peace and wholeness to people who are journeying to it. It's an ethereal sense of awe that overwhelms the traveling soul. With this sense of awe comes revelation.

Afterlights who hold hot coins and head off into the light are often seen experiencing revelations that they were previously incapable of. Many are shown remembering their names and details about their lives. Still some spout cryptic messages, as was the case when Charlie went into the light.

Fat Alamo . . . the Trinity . . . Ground Zero . . .

–Choo-Choo Charlie, Everfound, Chapter 44 - Zero Recall

Mysterious Properties Edit

The light is shown to empower afterlights with strange things. In the case of Choo Choo Charlie's last words in Everlost, the light was borderline personified. It gave Charlie a message to impart to Nick, one that lead him to the site of the Trinity Project's bomb testing.

It is what gave Zinnia her ability to rip. She reached into the light and tore off a piece of it and carried it away. Thus, the hand that held that fragment of the light became her "ripping hand", with which she was able to reach into the living world and tear objects from it.

It also can take away certain properties. As we saw at the end of Everfound when the light stripped Mary of her powerful charms and removed every last drop of Nick's chocolate.